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AquaspaceAquaspace Airconditioned Glassbottom boat Bonaire

Aquaspace Bonaire is known for its spectacular underwater air conditioned observation deck. Bonaire and Klein Bonaire are  chosen the best in the top ten best islands in the world and it’s no surprise that the island is popular with divers and snorkelers. But there’s another way of getting a view of the underwater world around the island: take a trip on the Aquaspace, an air conditioned glass bottom boat like no other. It has an underwater observation deck that is 90% made of glass, allowing you to get an up close look at the underwater wildlife in a cool room without actually having to go into the water yourself.  Our observation deck gives you the unique opportunity of admiring the beauty of the deep blue Caribbean Sea all around you, whilst you’re relaxing and enjoying a glass of your favourite tipple. The Aquaspace is rated as one of the top things to do on Bonaire by visitors to the Tripadvisor website!


Best activity on Bonaire

The Aquaspace runs morning and afternoon snorkeling trips; it goes without saying that drinks and food are included.  The Aquaspace also serves as a party boat:  Captain Dready organizes legendary parties for groups of up to 25 people. He additionally offers two-day trips including an overnight stay onboard for groups of up to eight people.  Check the trips section on this website for more information!

What makes the Aquaspace unique?

Snorkling and sailing on a glassbottom boat

The Aquaspace is a trimaran, designed and built by renowned French architect Jacques Rougerie, who notably worked closely together with another renowned Frenchman, Jacques Cousteau. The boat originally served as a centre for marine-biology studies. But that’s all in the past: now the Aquaspace sails around the island of Bonaire, showing off the natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea and its underwater world to visitors from across the globe. Check the history section for more information about the Aquaspace and its designer!

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