The history of the Aquaspace

Aquaspace Bonaire historyThe Aquaspace has a rich history. She was designed in 1978 and built in 1982 by Jacques Rougerie, who worked closely together with Jacques Cousteau. The boat originally served as a Centre of Marine Biology Studies and in that capacity did research into underwater wildlife including turtles and dolphins.

Over a period of seven years, Cousteau and Rougerie worked together on three projects, and on three islands/island groups in the North of the Caribbean Sea: the Bahamas, Martinique and the Turks and Caigos Islands.

Aquaspace owes its unique appearance to Jacques Rougerie, a French architect. Over the past thirty years, Rougerie has designed a number of spectacular, futuristic objects, including boats, airports and office buildings. Many of his designs are inspired by his obsession with the ocean. ‘The oceans’, says Rougerie, ‘are a source of extraordinarily rich biodiversity, of a magnitude that we can’t even quite fathom yet. We have to treat our oceans with care, as we could be in desperate need of them in the very near future.’

In 1989, Rougerie was forced to sell the Aquaspace and, in 1995, after several changes of ownership, she was bought by a Dutchman. This Dutchman brought the Aquaspace to Bonaire where he ran sailing and snorkelling trips, similar to what the Aquaspace does now. In 2007, the boat was transported to Curacao to be fully refurbished.

The current owner of the Aquaspace, Edwin Sluis, started to captain the boat in 2009 and took over ownership in October 2010. Under Ed’s captaincy, the Aquaspace has developed into one of the most popular tourist attractions on Bonaire. Check Tripadvisor for rave reviews!

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